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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eating in public

I am haavig a ferocious breast feeding mother moment.

I am very extreme about my breast feeding.And I just don't care what people think about it. I's my child's RIGHT to nurse-it is her food, it is her comfort, it is her drink when she's thirsty,  it is her medicine, it is a nurturing. And if people are so insecure about my breasts being used for those things, then they need to take a long walk off a very tall cliff.

Beyond that, what would make any sane person think that it's okay to walk up to a perfect stranger, pull aside a sling to "peek at the baby" and then be horrified to see my bare breast? And then to have the nerve to tell me that she's too old to be nursing?

Just who in the world do they think they are? Until we became 'civilized', the AVERAGE age for weaning a child was between 2 and 4 years of age. My children should be so lucky. I've been happy to get 2 of mine to 18 months and one to 22 months.

Don't piss of the nursing momma. You might get an earful. I relish my quit snuggle time with my nursing baby.
I had hoped to tandem nurse Duck and Princess Crankenstein, but Duck chose to be done 3 months before her sister arrived. It bugged me, but it was her choice. Breast feeding is a natural, healthy expression of care, love and commitment between a mother and her child, and as long as both are comfortable in their nursing relationship, who the hell's business is it? And how rude to look in my sling-without waiting to be warned, without waiting for permission, and then be angry because you saw my breast. It was covered until you peeked.

Leave me alone when it comes to my personal choices regarding my family. And I'll leave you alone regarding yours.


  1. Who has the NERVE to even do that in the first place?! I think my husband (had he been there) would've decked them before they had the chance to comment. LOL If they peek with out asking, they get what they see with no right to complain.

  2. I think what angered me the most was that they had the nerve to tell me she was "too old to be nursing still" and that I should have already weaned her. What right do they have to make that determination??!!

  3. To old to be nursing? She's not even a year old! Who has the nerve to peak into a stranger's sling and then make a negative comment? I commend you for not smacking that woman! I wanted to nurse my kids longer too. I quit with DS at 4 months because I had to go back to work and they didn't have those fancy breast pumps like they do now. DD weaned herself at 10 months, once she started walking she didn't want to settle down and nurse. Broke my heart.

  4. Most of mine have reluctantly weaned at about 11 months because of supply issue-the next one is typically on the way. Teenager nursed for comfort and naps till she was 18 months, Don Juan weaned himself at 21 months, and Duck weaned at 18 months. But I've had older ladies in the past comment that they are "too old" when they can walk or turn a year old. It always bugs me.