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Darling: The brave hero, love of my life
Crunchy: The crazy drama queen, hippie crunchy, fiber-freak
Formerly-known-as-Teenaged-Cave-Dweller: The now happily married wayward teen daughter, currently without a part but for an occasional guest appearance-again.
Australian beast-in-law: the transplant from Australia who swept the Cave Dweller off her feet
SNG(AKA Science Nerd Girl): the 19 year old sanity creator, Mom's all helper, now part time college geek
Pickle: The 17 old sensory seeking/avoiding mother hen
Tink: The 15 year old auto-immune compromised fairy nut
Cactus Jack: The 13 year old drama king
Don Juan: The 12 year old ladies man
Duck: The 9 year old cutie patootie
Doodlebop: The 7 old independent sass box
Sugar Man: The 5 year old sweetie flirt monster
Frodo: the 5 old chunky grandson
Sassbox: the 4 year old firecracker baby
Biscuit Smidge: the 4 month old shrieky dragon granddaughter

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready for spring

The warmer days are making me antsy for spring. I am ready to clear out the old, dead growth from last year and get new in the ground.

We're planning on scattering wild flower seeds and sunflower seeds in the front yard. Who has time to mow a lawn with as much as we have to do here? I love the deliberate chaos look I've seen in some places, so I'm hoping to try that.

The southern side yard will be getting a hoop house this year also. I'm not sure if I want to build a frame and connect it to the side of the house, or just put the hoop house up as normal, and secure it against the wind.

Upon further discussion with a friend, we're actually looking at the old garage for a second barn, using it as the main animal barn and the one we spent this last year building as a hay storage area. Regardless, we're going to take a weekend clean out the garage finally, and tear it down. We've also got the original barn on the property to finish tearing down. Thankfully, there's a place in town that will pay us for the metal.

We're looking at fresh meat birds, fresh egg layers(the 10 we bought in October did not survive the harsh cold...lesson learned? No baby chicks in winter)

I'm ready. Spring can't come soon enough or me!

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