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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Appo pie

I've only made 4 pies in my life. First one I made, my ex-husband laughed at the crumbly crust and the next 3 were made from that stuff you buy at the store in the freezer section-WELL after he became my ex.

And then, my kids were diagnosed with celiac disease. So, pies became a thing of non-existence in our world. The fear of pie crusts from NORMAL flour was embedded deep within my soul. There was no way I was going to try to make a pie crust from a crumbly flour.

So then there's Don Juan.....he of the silent movie screen presence(really, I should call him Valentino for all his silence) a year ago, at the age of 4, Don Juan was finally learning to speak, after years of "Eh! A-ee-oh!"- Don Juan-ese for "Hey! Apple pie!"

 Last year, he popped  up in the kitchen, watched me for a minute while I made a pumpkin roll, and then blurted out "What cha makin' Mama?", only to squeal with delight upon being told what I was making and then wandering away.To hear him speak is truly a marvel.

So this year, I had no choice(being a sucker for my brown eyed, curly headed Silent Movie Star Curly Joe Don Juan when he is actually able to express a genuine, attainable desire verbally) when Don Juan begged "Mama! Please make me a appo pie! Want appo pie!" I cringed, and was certain he'd never ask for apple pie again, when the dry gluten free crust crumbled faster than my first from-scratch pie had.

So I was amazed when the gluten free pie crust listed in Carol Fenster's newest cook book rolled out and didn't crumble, lifted easily, molded well and shaped to the pie pan. I called a friend to tell her-because she and her family are gluten free and love making pies.

ME: T! I found the perfect gluten free pie crust!

T: Really??!! Can I have the recipe?

Don Juan: Appo pie! Where my appo pie?

Me: 1 cup Carol's blend

Don Juan: Appo pie! Oh appo pie! Where are you appo pie??!!

Me: 3/4 cup tapioca starch

T: She really uses a lot of tapioca starch, doesn't she?

Don Juan: Appo pie! Appo pie! Is it appo pie yet??!!

Me: Yes, she sure does. 1 cup potato starch

Don Juan: Appo pie! Appo pie!

The entire conversation was punctuated in this manner. And it just amused me to hear him sing song through the house about his 'appo pie'.

The pie came out of the oven. He spied his apple pie. He squealed with delight.

"It's a appo pie! Me wanna eat me appo pie now! Gotta wait to tomorrow for the appo pie! Cover my appo pie Mama! Love appo pie! Slurp! Appo pie mine all gone!"

His grammar is atrocious. His joy is infectious. The tears streaming down my face as I hear my boy use full sentences all the time are thankful.

Even if the crust crumbles, it'll be the best appo pie in the world, and I am certain, a new tradition for the holidays in our home.

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