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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Young love

The weather is being it's usual bi-polar Wyoming weather. Snow on Saturday, and Sunday and today it's supposed to get up in the mid 40s. Then up into the upper 50s Thursday and Friday. Sigh.

Don Juan is on cloud 9. Tomorrow the woman(girl) he loves will be in his life permanently.

Back in June, our former pastor announced his intent to resign as our pastor. It was a shock to everyone, but we understood he was following God's call elsewhere. So as a church we got busy, looking for someone else to call to lead us. The deacons found someone, called him to come preach adn to see if Wyoming could be home to him. He brought with him his family-a lovely wife and 3 beautiful daughters, all in the age range of my kiddos. The girls were ecstatic: new friends to play with! The boys initially were not impressed. Girls? Bosh. We don't need no stinkin' girls! And then Don Juan met Miss Redhead. And promptly declared her to be his own.

Keep in mind both these kids are 5. Yet, my son has declared he is going to marry Miss Redhead. He followed her around with serious intent the entire week the family was here. The last Saturday she was here, she broke her arm. A cow stepped on it. Hey. It's Wyoming. What did you expect? That last Sunday, my son, ever the charming suitor, helped Miss Redhead everywhere, expressing profound concern for her injury and doing his mighty 5 best to protect it from further injury. He was devastated when Miss Redhead and her family left.

We had opportunity to visit the local Greek festival a few weeks after Miss Redhead and herfamily left to go back home. Don Juan had a line of little girls waiting to dance with him.

(not Miss Redhead-this is one of the dancing girls)
 I was mildly stunned at my son's charming magnetism. I stated "I thought you were going to marry Miss Redhead." to which my son replied "Well yeah, but I like a lotsa girls Mama." All righty then. My son is a playa. God help me.

And the cheers were mighty when he learned that she was coming here permanently-that her Daddy had accepted our church's call. He immediately began drawing pictures of their impending wedding.

Yeah. I'm blessed with forward thinking children.

When we announced that we needed to pray for them to find a place to live, he announced that they could come live with us. :/

And now, he is counting down the hours until he sees her again tomorrow night at AWANA. All I am hearing from him is "Miss Redhead. Miss Redhead. Miss redhead this, Miss Redhead that." It's rather precious. He's most intent and sincere in his pursuit of her.

I'm growing concerned that her father will need to be asking my 5 year old what his intentions toward his daughter are. And I'm very concerned over the fact that my son seems to have a propensity for liking girls. A LOT of girls. All at once.

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  1. That is so sweet. Reminds me of Charlie Brown and the "little red haired girl". lol