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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goat love Parts 1 and 2

My life is just warped.

I thought that James Taylor-the little man that we debated forever on keeping as a buck but finally banded the very day my Nubian doe named Stargarzer went into season-had managed to breed Star before he was banded. I wasn't TOO devastated by this. Jamey would have made pretty babies. And his temperament is one I would not mind passing on at all. He is PRECIOUS!

This morning, I went out, only to be informed that Cebu was "barking" at Star. (making love sick boy goat noises) And yes, there he was, hanging over the side of the fence, tongue hanging out in all his depraved glory. Don't ask what ELSE was hanging out. I just might tell you. What's worse, the hussy was trying to get over the fence to him. I called our friend with the only known dairy bucks in the county and asked if we could bring Star over. I don't mind late March babies. We debated..........Starbuck for my Stargazer-he throws spotty babies. He is SNG's Twinkling of an Eye's Daddy and she is just the PRETTIEST little thing-looks like a long eared baby deer, all soft fawn colored and spotty.
Handy Manny-a Nigerian Dwarf. he's stunningly gorgeous. Dark chocolate brown, white blaze on his side, muscular, tiny, looks like a wild animal off the African savanna.

We decided on Manny. They'll make mini Nubians. And then perhaps we can get a mini category at the Fair going.

So,we loaded Star up in the back of the pick up(I so need to find a good used bumper pull stock trailer) and took her to spend an afternoon  with another boyfriend. They have so many don't you know?

We opened the gate to Manny, Star rushed in, and Manny jumped on her. Finished in 3.6 seconds(they really aren't known for their longevity) and THEN decided to say hi.

Hussy animals. Not even a "How ya doing sailor? How long you in town for?"



I'm still recovering from the shock of it all.

So I had to post this one.

Last year, in the fall, we acquired 2 new goats, May Surprise and her foster daughter Amazing Grace. (That's TWO goats I've had on my property named Amazing Grace. The second one is much more graceful as well as amazing). Pure Nubian, gorgeous conformation. She has but two flaws.
1) The original owner hadn't the heart to de-horn her. So, unfortunately, despite her stellar breeding and blood lines, I cannot show her.
2) She's taken the True Love Waits pledge.

Yes. My goat is saving herself for marriage. Or something like it.

Last year, she showed signs of being in season. So we took her to the brdder. they put her with Handy Manny, as a very young buck, with hopes he'd breed her. No such luck. She backed her rump into a corned and kept it there the entire afternoon she was with Manny. When we brought her home, she cried piteously and made as if she were still in heat. Hussy. We put her with Cebu the Sad Goat. he still didn't get happy, because she just kept that tail tucked down low.

Yesterday morning, Cebu was making those love sick boy goat noises at her and she was responding. So we took her to the breeder again, and put her with Starbuck(who has already bred one of my does- last New year's eve, producing Twinkling of an Eye, Glory's Hallelujah and Glory's Mercy). And she promptly backed into the corner, despite the fact that she was OBVIOUSLY in full standing heat. She certainly like my husband's attention......tramp goats. I tell ya, I have tramps for farm animals. They adore my husband. I wonder...does that mean he is a beast? ;)

So we left her there overnight. This morning, the breeder texted, telling me that Starbuck was still flirting, but Grace was in HIS house, refusing to come out and refusing to let him in. Sigh. I really don't want to get rid of her. She is just precious in personality and looks. She is truly one of my favorite does n the property to this point. But, Darling put his foot down and said "No baby this year, she GOES. I'm not feeding lawn ornaments."

While dealing with the agony of a doe in obvious heat but not wanting the attention of any buck in  three counties, the snow started to fall. I texted the breeder(who also happens to be a good personal friend, so we have tons of good giggles over the hussy behavior of our animals) and told her I had to run to the post office and then I'd come get her. About 20 minutes into my errands, the breeder texted and let me know that she was FINALLY letting Starbuck woo her, and attempt to breed her. I say attempt because last year, Starbuck tried to jump his fence and got tangled up, tearing ligaments. They thought they were going to have to  put him down. So when it gets cold, his leg seizes up and he has trouble being, well, a buck. The other issue was that they were outdoors, and with the swiftly falling snow, had gotten VERY wet, so they were slippery and he was having trouble mounting her. I spewed coffee. Seriously.

Pretty soon, she texted back with a decision...........she and her husband went out to the buck pen, and gathered up Grace and Starbuck and taken them to the barn, and were in the process of.............drying them off so they could breed.


Just when I think homesteading couldn't possibly get any stranger.........

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